I am a horrible person, ashamed in my lack of blogging. Its not that I didn't have anything to say, just didn't have the time with which to blog.

I've had a great week. Alison and I have spent time with both of our families, been tubing on Mt. Hood, had our noses in the books and enjoyed another week of work.

Something that is fun for me now is our youth group's new Newsletter Blog. We send out a weekly newsletter via e-mail, but will now conduct this on a blog. That way we can jazz it up a bit, add pictures, polls, comments and standing links. Check it out if you have time and/or you want to see the weekly doings of 180.


  1. Aaron,
    You should never feel ashamed for living instead of blogging.

  2. Jon, you're completely right. Thanks.

  3. ditto what jon said.
    only, when i don't blog, it's not because i'm living. it's because i'm too busy writing a 20 page long math paper.
    yeah. that's right. 20 pages.

    so enjoy living!!


  4. Thus the saying...."Get a life" not "Get a blog."

    Keep on livin' it brother!