It's been a while...but school's here!

I apologize to those of you who come to my blog everyday, and have now seen nothing new for a week. It's been one of those busy ones.

I just started back in school 2 terms left! So I thought I'd give you a rundown of my classes:

Hebrews - Revelation: Not too hard to figure out. We'll study the books from Hebrews until we finish Revelation.

Ethics: I'm excited about this one. The last 2/3 of the semester we'll spend debating ethical issues such as abortion, gender issues, death penalty and so on.

Doctrine: A seminar class where we discuss what we believe after 4 years of school about various topics like God, the Bible, Salvation. We turn in 8 short statements of what we Believe...and no, they don't have to agree with the professor or the school. They just have to be our beliefs.

NTBT: Short for New Testament Biblical Theology. I am very excited about this course. Systematic Theology asks what does the whole Bible say about ________...often, inevitably leaving out some verses...almost like a pick and choose method of Bible study. Biblical Theology looks at the books themselves. What does the book of _______ teach? What does the book of _____ teach about _____? How does this specific author talk about ______?

Persuasion: I don't know much about the course yet, but I'm sure I can be persuaded to pay attention.

Well, that's about it. I have more to write later.


  1. I took everything but persuasion--who are your profs?

  2. Good Question.
    Doctrine & Ethics with Gurney
    Heb-Rev with Aldrich
    NTBT with Harper

  3. I had Gurney for the same class and really enjoyed it. I had Strickland for Heb-Rev, and that was pretty tough, but also very good. I had Lubeck for NTBT, and I wasn't a "Lubeckian," so I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. It was better than other classes I'd taken from him, though.