Prepare the way

I had a great night last night at our High School program. You can read all about it and see some pictures on our Youth Pastor's Blog.

I appreciated the time that we had to ask God what was in the way of His coming to reach us. One student's response can be too familiar in my life too. This student said that they realized that they had been so busy with school and life this past term, that they had become numb to God, and what He is doing.

It is easy for me to be involved in life so much that time with God decreases. Especially being a Bible college student, and a ministry worker! I find that Christmas and summer vacations tend to get me re-focused on what I really care about. Back to God...Not that He's out of the picture during school, but I have a tendency to place Him on the back burner.

Last night was a great time to reflect on my own complacency when it comes to my relationship with God, and a time to ask that He would be number 1 again.

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