Good Business

Our youth group just purchased a new projector because our old one was darker than a black hole. So I went to get machine screws to mount it today. I headed to the Home Depot and thought I found the right size.

I headed back to church and found out that they were the wrong size. So I grabbed the projector and took it back to Home Depot. The guy said that it was a metric size and that they didn't carry them. When I asked who carried them, he thought for a sec and then sent me to Oregon Bolt.

They had the right size and gave me the 4 screws for free! I couldn't believe it. All he wanted me to do was pass their name around.

Gladly! If you're in the Portland area and need a bolt or screw...go to Oregon Bolt.


  1. I'll be right up! Tell Justin to let us make comments on his blog!

  2. I now declare Oregon Bolt honorary members of 180!