A Consumer of Worship

I was typing up my notes finally from the National Youth Workers Convention, and I came across what Louie Giglio said about worship. He asked the question, Are you a consumer of or a consumee in worship?

He provided a fun but serious list of differences. I find myself being a consumer more often than a consumee. How about you? Take a look at his list.

A consumer of worship...A consumee in worship...
asks 'what'’s in it for me?'asks what does God want from me?
is concerned with styleis concerned with surrender
buys (purchases) worshiphas already been bought
worships because it is enjoyableknows that worship is costly
says it is about what I prefersays it is about what God requires
says it's about songssays it'’s about actions
says it feels goodsays it hurts good
approaches it as a segmented, concrete thingknows it's a live thing
says it'’s my choicesays it'’s His will
thinks it'’s temporaryknows it'’s eternal
downloads worship (ingests)bows down in worship
does it because it makes me happydoes it because it makes God happy
says it's about meknows it's about God


  1. I don't know about anyone else.... but the song "Heart of Worship" definitely popped into my head. :)