Chirstmas Album 05

If you want to see what my Chirstmas looked like, check it out here.

Merry Christmas

It's a day late, but Merry Christmas from Alison and Aaron. Hope your Christmas was great, and filled with family, friends and celebration of the birth of Jesus.


Welcome to my Blog

I know that there's been many new people reading my blog recently. I thought I'd give you a quick tour. These aren't a best of, but a sampling of what I'm thinking...

Welcome to my blog! Drop me a comment, or tell me about your blog.

About me:

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Creepy BK guy

I don't watch too much TV, but when I do, I don't want to see any more of the creepy Burger King guy. I really don't know what their ad agency was thinking. Let's sell more burgers by scaring the crap out of people. Please take these commercials off the air! Hopefully I haven't tainted your view of the commercials. If you want to read some deep thoughts about media, read Justin's blog.


Christmas Album

I am very privileged to have had the chance to play and sing on my friend Justin's Christmas album for the past few years. You can hear it yourself here.

My Friend Justin

This one I've been waiting for. My friend Justin has begun a blog! He is a Pastor at the A.D. Venture in Portland, and an awesome guitar player.

You should check it out!


Good Business

Our youth group just purchased a new projector because our old one was darker than a black hole. So I went to get machine screws to mount it today. I headed to the Home Depot and thought I found the right size.

I headed back to church and found out that they were the wrong size. So I grabbed the projector and took it back to Home Depot. The guy said that it was a metric size and that they didn't carry them. When I asked who carried them, he thought for a sec and then sent me to Oregon Bolt.

They had the right size and gave me the 4 screws for free! I couldn't believe it. All he wanted me to do was pass their name around.

Gladly! If you're in the Portland area and need a bolt or screw...go to Oregon Bolt.

My friend Dennis

I miss Dennis. He was a my old roommate before I got married. I you ever needed a good laugh, or a take on politics or sports...just talk to Dennis.

Well, Dennis decided to begin blogging. I don't know if it will last. But while it does, it should be pretty funny...maybe. :)


It's snowing!

It's finally snowing! My wife and I made it to the video store after church today, (we rented 24). As we pulled drove there it started to rain ice pellets. Then at the video store, it turned to snow! I can't believe it! Finally! If more comes, I will give you a few more pictures.


Free Christmas Music

If you're up for some folk/odd/cool Christmas like free stuff...or you like Sufjan Stevens, you can get it here. (Thank you Josiah Q. Roe)


Sound back on!

I finally found some free web space at And consequently I have sound back on my site!

I'll try to update the songs semi-regularly, so those of you that are semi-regular readers won't get too board.


Prepare the way

I had a great night last night at our High School program. You can read all about it and see some pictures on our Youth Pastor's Blog.

I appreciated the time that we had to ask God what was in the way of His coming to reach us. One student's response can be too familiar in my life too. This student said that they realized that they had been so busy with school and life this past term, that they had become numb to God, and what He is doing.

It is easy for me to be involved in life so much that time with God decreases. Especially being a Bible college student, and a ministry worker! I find that Christmas and summer vacations tend to get me re-focused on what I really care about. Back to God...Not that He's out of the picture during school, but I have a tendency to place Him on the back burner.

Last night was a great time to reflect on my own complacency when it comes to my relationship with God, and a time to ask that He would be number 1 again.



Updated 12/15: You can now listen to this song by looking on the right side of my blog and finding Pray. Enjoy!

If you have $0.99 to spend, you should buy Kendal Payne's song, Pray off of Itunes. Sweet song:

I will pray for you now for you have been my faithful friends
While the road we walk is difficult indeed
I couldn’t not ask for more than what you’ve already been
Only that you would say these prayers for me

May your heart break enough that compassion enters in
May your strength all be spent upon the weak
All the castles and crowns you build and place upon your head
May they all fall come crashing down around your feet

May you find every step to be harder than the last
So your character grows greater each stride
May your company be of humble insignificance
May your weakness be your only source of pride

What you do unto others may it all be done to you
May you meet the one who made us
And see him smile when life is through

May your blessings be many but not what you hoped they’d be
And when you look upon the broken
May mercy show you what you could not see

May you never be sure of any plans you desire
But you’d learn to trust the plan he has for you
May your passions be tried and tested in the holy fire
May you fight with all your life for what is true

I have prayed for you now all of my dear and faithful friends
But what I wish is more than I could ever speak
As the way wanders on I’ll long to see you once again
Until then, would you pray these prayers for me?
Oh that you would pray for me.


A Consumer of Worship

I was typing up my notes finally from the National Youth Workers Convention, and I came across what Louie Giglio said about worship. He asked the question, Are you a consumer of or a consumee in worship?

He provided a fun but serious list of differences. I find myself being a consumer more often than a consumee. How about you? Take a look at his list.

A consumer of worship...A consumee in worship...
asks 'what'’s in it for me?'asks what does God want from me?
is concerned with styleis concerned with surrender
buys (purchases) worshiphas already been bought
worships because it is enjoyableknows that worship is costly
says it is about what I prefersays it is about what God requires
says it's about songssays it'’s about actions
says it feels goodsays it hurts good
approaches it as a segmented, concrete thingknows it's a live thing
says it'’s my choicesays it'’s His will
thinks it'’s temporaryknows it'’s eternal
downloads worship (ingests)bows down in worship
does it because it makes me happydoes it because it makes God happy
says it's about meknows it's about God


Back at it....(Here is our King)

Whew! The last two weeks of my life have been hectic as I've written two term papers and my wife is doing projects and taking finals. But I finished my last class today! All I've got left are 3 finals next week and I'm home free...'till January. :)

If you've heard the Crowder album, collision, you probably know the song Here is Our King. It's a wonderful song to which I've heard rumors as to its origin. Apparently it was written in response to the earthquake and tsunami that struck Asia last December. If that is true, then the song is quite an amazing take on the incident.

But the song also has some strong Christmas themes too. It seems to be all about Jesus coming. Coming to save us, coming to bring rest, healing, new life, and grace.

When they sing Majesty finally here with power, I think of the woman at the well in John 4, who exclaims, Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ?...Could this be the one who is to save us, the one to bring us hope, and peace, and rest? We've been waiting so He our King?

Yes! It is Christmas...and we celebrate the coming of our King.

From wherever spring arrives
To heal the ground
From wherever searching comes the look itself
A trace of what we'’re looking for
So be quiet now and wait

The ocean is growing
The tide is coming in
Here it is

Here is our king, here is our love
Here is our God Who'’s come
To bring us back to him
He is the one, he is Jesus, Jesus

And what was said to the rose
To make it unfold
Was said to me here in my chest
So be quiet now and rest

Majesty, finally
Majesty, finally here


Trust God! and a blessing too

My title is reminiscent of our Mexico mission trip of '04, when our sports ministry leader had all of us guys shout out Trust God! at the top of our lungs.

So this past Thursday I had to preach a sermon in my narrative preaching class at Multnomah. This one came from John 4:43-54, where Jesus heals the royal official's son. The point was that the official took Jesus at his word, believed him, and life was to should we trust God, and take Jesus at his word.

Part of my sermon included a story about how I recently left my job at Costco for a part-time position at my church. Taking this step meant following the direction that God has laid out for me, but talking a pay cut too. One promise that I've relied on is that Jesus says seek first His kingdom and all these things (contextually - food and clothing)will be given to you as well.

So I taught Thursday about all that, saying that each month has been 'fun' to trust that God will provide enough money...and He has...of course there isn't room in the budget to go out to eat, or rent movies, or buy new clothes, but we can eat and pay rent. both very good things in this life if you want my opinion.

So Thursday, my wife calls me and shares a story with me. Her boss called her into his office and shut the door. Gulp! He said, "I don't know if you know, but this is the time of year we give out raises." Alison thought, "No, I didn't know that."

He gave her a raise and then told her that she would also get a bonus too! (Which they don't normally give out.)

My thoughts in this order were. 1)Thank you God! 2)We can buy Christmas presents for each other and our families now! 3)Woah...I just talked about trusting God this morning for taking care of us...and He just more than provided for us even beyond our needs! Thanks God! (and my wife for working hard...and her boss for valuing her employment at the firm!)


A Quick Funny

My cat hates to be scratched on her back or stomach...but last night, I found a secret spot right above her tail along her spine. When you scratch anywhere around this spot...she looks mad and begins to attack...but when you scratch this matter how mad or complacent she is...she begins to lick. It starts with the tongue peeping out of the mouth...and then she licks...and licks...and licks! It is the most amazing thing to watch...and provides minutes of laughter!



Snow, please come
   Oh snow, please
Oh please come
   Oh snow come tonight and
   let school be postponed for a warmer day.