Retreat & Photos

What do you get when you take a few of your best friends, car loads of sound gear, 300 mid-schoolers and their youth leaders, a cold weekend in November on a lake in Washington and put them all together?...You get a great retreat.

I went back up this weekend again to Lake Retreat to play electric guitar for my friend Justin and our informal "band." There might not be anything better than getting to lead worship for a bunch of mid-schoolers that want to praise God.

Over the weekend, many students came to begin a relationship with Christ, and others began to work on healing the hurts in their life. It is so exciting to see what God can do in a young life.

The pictures are of around camp...hope you enjoy.

O yeah, on the way home, my car hit 100,000 miles!

The blob and water trampolene on the lake.
Foggy lake in the morning
Sunlight coming through fog and a tree
Moss on the roof outside our cabin window
100,000 miles baby!
Not Us - the band


  1. Hey Aaron!
    Please check out my prayer for this Thanksgiving dinner! I'm switching from my daily mundane prayer to this one for this year.