Day of rest? (Day of free food)

I had the distinct pleasure of attending 3 church services and one meeting today, making for a lovely 11 hour day of rest.

It began at youth group this morning, where I lead worship for the mid and high school groups. It was a great morning. All three of the major high schools in the area just won their first football playoff games, so there was added excitement in the air. I also bet 1 penny against the youth pastor that Tigard would beat Southridge. We sang one of my favorite songs again, Wholly Yours, by the David Crowder Band.

My beautiful wife and I then ducked out early and headed to a nearby Presbyterian church for an assignment from my Bible College class on the church. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the choir, the liturgy, and the message.

We continued back to our church for a youth staff meeting...good times of praying for each other and discussing the next few months of group. plus free food.

Finally, we went to Greater Portland Bible Church where I led worship for my friend Justin, who is just getting back from Guatemala. What a wonderful church. I love the open space they have in the back and sides of the room for prayer, contemplation, and other activities. After that, they had dinner for everybody, then different classes you could attend.

All in all, for a long day, it was pretty refreshing! Thank you God!


  1. Whew!! That was quite a day! And I thought my day was long!

    Ministry can be an exhausting life, but I wouldn't want any other! It's awesome to be used up by God!

    Don't forget your penny next week!

  2. well. first of all. southridge will cream tigard monumentally this friday. no questions asked.
    there isn't really a second, other than wow that was a full day
    i like days like that... especially when heavy amounts of coffee are involved.


  3. GO TIGARD HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BWA HA HA HA!!!!