WOW...What a weekend!

I still can't believe what an incredible weekend I had down at the National Youth Workers Convention in Sacramento. It was a great time of refreshment, relaxation, learning, and growth.

I got to hear the music of David Crowder and Chris Tomlin live! So good. Especially the Crowder. That guy has got some hair! If you don't have his new album, Collision, you must hear it, it is great! Especially track 11, which is a take on a Sufjan Stevens song. Very relaxing. I think that my friend Jared's church even used it for communion.

Another singer, Kendall Payne, sang for us. She has a beautiful voice. She played songs off of her new album, Grown, like Supermodels and Pray, both good songs.

Anyway, if you are a youth worker and haven't been to one of these must go.

I learned about space, silence, and rest from Doug Fields. And much about postmodernism and the emerging church movement from people like Dan Kimball, Lilly Lewin and Tony Jones.

There is a lot of information to process, and much to work out, and frankly, it's kind of scary, but I'm confident that when God leads, He doesn't lead the wrong way!

Well, I'm finally back to my least for now. We leave this weekend for a Mid School Retreat. She's gone the next weekend with the High School girls, I'm gone the next weekend at another Mid School retreat, and then the last weekend of the month we're having our first ever Messy Day...lots of messy things happening.

Well, thanks for reading, leave me a comment.



  1. Glad you enjoyed NYWC!!! I was a volunteer at HQ and love reading blogs of those who were there!

  2. Hey 'neice! Good to see you at my friend Aaron's blog too! We were at NYWC together.

    I agree Aaron..."a lot of information to process, and much to work out!"

    I'm glad God is in the lead!

  3. I hate being separated from my husband. Sucks! Thank goodness for date nights.