Learning lab

Going to Multnomah Bible College, I'm required to take a student ministries class and lab. For once, I feel like the lab is decent. My lab instructor is a youth pastor up in Vancouver, WA. His discussion topic yesterday was about the reality of starting in ministry.

His first point was the one that made the most impact on me. It was:

Know who you are, who you're not, and live it out.
He has seen so many people fail and even himself in certain times, because they tried to be someone who they weren't, someone God didn't call them to be.

I can only begin to imagine what this means for me. I guess for starters, I want to be a more authentic leader. Able to show my struggles as well as my victories.
When you are who you are, you give freedom for people to be who they are.
         -Rob Bell


  1. We were talking about that in Staff Meeting today. We need to quit wearing masks, and make it appear to everyone that all is cool with us, or that we are someone that we are not. We need to learn to take the mask off and be real with people; be who we are, not who we're not.