Disc Golf

I'm a beginning amateur disc-golfer. If you haven't played before, you must. Some people go a bit overboard with their passion, but it's quite fun.

There are driver discs, approach discs, putting discs, discs that turn to the left, to the right, and some that go really straight. Is there a distinct difference between straight and really straight?

Anyway, I played yesterday at Pier park in the St. John's area of North Portland. It is a beautiful place. A lot of long holes, and many, many trees. All of which seem to be disc magnets.

Another great place to play in the Portland area is the Lunchtime Disc Golf course. It is hosted at the facilities of Greater Portland Bible Church, where my friend Justin is a Pastor at their A.D.Venture service. Both courses are fun, and have challenging spots.


  1. Fun to play, but in my experience most ALL trees are disc magnets!

  2. I agree. I've also landed a disc on the roof at the GPBC site. There's one course down here & we've played a couple of times. Another great course is somewhere near Oregon City--I don't remember the exact location, but I'm sure Justin would know.

  3. Nice link to beautiful place, I enjoyed that.