Yard work

Today was wonderful. Alison, my brother AJ, and two students from the youth group teamed up with Project Linkage and did some yard work.

We traveled from South Tigard to North Portland - about 20 min. - and mowed, chopped down trees, cut back hydrangea, roses and ivy, demolished blackberry bushes, and trimmed hedges. It was a great day for it. About 70 degrees.

The gentleman that we helped was a man that had a brain tumor back in the 70's. He's been fine until recently when fluid has increased in his brain, causing swelling, and pain. If fact, he was in the hospital on Friday but told them that he wanted to go home so he could make sure that we took care of the yard. Tough times for the gentlemen and his wife.

I highly recommend doing this yourself, even linking up with Project Linkage. They provide all the tools and equipment that you'll need. It only takes about 6 people and 3 hours on a Saturday.

Thanks for reading.

Hoping that we can grow in love for our neighbors.

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  1. Fantastic! Wish I could have served with you!