9.02.2005 thoughts...old thoughts

Well, I'm back in school. Started yesterday. I hope that it is going to be a great term. I'm taking four classes, of which the titles aren't interesting at all. One is on Monday nights from 6-10pm! Ughh... But I guess it's better than 8 am, four days a week.

I spent the last few weeks finally getting our apartment cleaned and organized. The office...formerly a gigantic junk now usable and I feel like I can function at home. So, I'm back to writing.

Down in Mexico, a great singer and missionary, Frank Grubbs, spoke to us about the 30,000 children that were dying each day from malnutrition, lack of clean water, and preventable diseases. He said that if an American plane carrying a few hundred passengers crashed, it would be a huge news story, and the people would demand an answer for why this happened, and how we could stop it from happening again.

So why don't we hear about the 30,000 children dying each day? Is that not a bigger news story? Doesn't someone need to speak out for them? What am I doing to help? That might be a better question, and a better place to start.

Hurricane Katrina caused massive devastation and over one thousand lives were lost. But a disaster 30 times stronger happens each day...and we don't hear about it. I still enjoy my clean water, need some more coffee. I must seem like a big baby.

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