My house is my house darn it!

While in Mexico, we spent a day at La Bufadora, a tourist area South of Ensenada, where you can see this giant blow hole, and do some shopping.

We decided to purchase a nice little sign for our front door that said My house is your house in Spanish.

About a week after we put it up, I came home from shopping and read the sign hanging by our front door, greeting everybody with...

Mi casa es mi casa...My house is my house? Oops.

Oh well, it makes a great conversation starter, as I've already found out with our UPS guy! :)


  1. well its better then it saying "Go away!". hahahaha, its a funny story though!

  2. Yeah, next time maybe practice up on that Spanish. Silly Japanese...

  3. Oops! We better go over our vocabulary a little better in training next year!

  4. That is awesome . . . how much do you want for it?