Full update on the engagement

Okay, so I've taken the liberty, with permission, to share my moms version of the story of the engagement. Pictures are at the bottom. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 31st, our Annie got engaged to her friend of six years...boyfriend for two... Matt Beghtel (pronounced bek'-tl) -- a wonderful Christian man.

Matt came and requested permission to ask her about two weeks ago, then on Tuesday of this week brought over a bag of props to set the scene which he visualized in our backyard.

Wednesday he took her out to dessert (both casually dressed) and he called us from there when he knew they were heading back here. Annie came in to say hi to us, and then she heard Matt calmly call her to come look out in the backyard.

She was befuddled when she saw the flickering votive candles ringing the patio, the petal strewn pathway, and the single red rose next to the bowl of candles on the tablecloth covered table. Her first thought was that we had had some romantic dinner out there! "Go on out," Matt said, pulling out a Puma shoe box. (Matt had worked in the shoe department of Nordstrom this summer and had talked about getting her some great running shoes, so when he asked her to sit down so he could try something on, she willingly complied.) "I know this looks like a lot of fuss just for shoes."

He got down on one knee and opened up the box. She was further confused when he reached into the packing-peanut-filled box and pulled out a huge ring...a paperweight "solitaire diamond ring" that they had seen while shopping last spring. Then he spoke his love for her and told how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and asked if she would she marry him. Huh? He asked her again. Are you kidding? Will you marry me? he repeated. But where's my shoes? she wanted to know. The fourth time he asked it fully made sense and we heard her squeal, "YES!" He explained how he wanted her to pick out her own ring and all the pieces finally fell into place. Matt reached down and flicked on the CD player playing, "Just the Way You Look Tonight". They danced and talked in hushed whispers and finally came in to tell us about a half hour later. We had sparkling apple cider and hugs waiting.

They plan a "next summer" wedding after she graduates from the University of Oregon. Matt graduated from there and this past week started work as a Credit Analyst for Umpqua Bank in downtown Portland.

Here are some photos for your entertainment. The proposal scene is re-created 30 minutes after the real deal.

Happily and lovingly, Jan and Dan


  1. :0 is that REALLY her ring? That's awesome!

  2. Did you read the story?