Freaked out pigs

I read the story in Matthew 8:28-34 where Jesus confronts two demon-possessed men and casts them out into a bunch of pigs. The pigs go wild and run down this big hill into a lake and drown.

I don't know if I would be laughing or scared silly, but the people of the village get freaked out because their livelihood, pig farming, has just been destroyed. The whole town comes to see Jesus and pleads with him to leave.

I always thought the people of the village were kind of idiots...I mean, you don't just tell Jesus to leave when He's performing miracles. But then I got thinking. I wonder how many times I do that. Not knowingly, but when God is doing something in my life and I don't quite see the big picture, do I ask, "What's goin' on? I wish this would end."

I hope that I will have the faith in the future to trust God, and not kick him out of my life. Maybe after He's gotten rid of the pigs He'll find me a new job! ;)

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  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    but no pigs means no ham!!

    this is kelly by the way