Faith that astonishes God?

We've been talking about faith a lot recently at our Church, and in our youth group (180 is the name). We've talked about faith not being something you just think, or believe, but backing those things up with action. James describes that kind of faith as complete.

I've been reading through Matthew and I read the story of the Centurion's Faith. You can find it in Matthew 8:5-13. What amazes me is that Jesus is astonished by a human's faith. I don't think that my faith has been astonishing...growing yes...but astonishing? Wow.

I pray that my faith will become astonishing before God. Not to say that I am a great person of faith, but because I know that's where my faith should be.


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    we've been talking about faith? really?

    this is kelly by the way

  2. Aww...Kelly. You missed 2W2, but we just talked the Sunday before the Mexico trip about Faith.

  3. Anonymous9:38 PM

    oh good. i was afraid middle school was talking about that and that i was so bad at listening, not only did i forget the last lesson but the theme.

    this is kelly by the way