My first second lame post this isn't my real first post. I believe that Jon was the only lucky one to see that. This is my second official post, but my first one that many of you will see.

I've got to admit, who would want to come and read what I'm thinking. I know I wouldn' I'm guessing that this site won't get many hits. Oh well. It sure is a cooler way to journal though. I haven't been doing that recently anyway.

So what is this site about? I suppose many things. Maybe my wife, maybe ministry, maybe just my thoughts. Who knows.

I hope you get something out of this, even if that something is that my life is boring. :)

See you soon.



  1. Hey Aaron,
    Great to see that you are joining the World of Bloggers. I look forward to reading all the great things you are going to type.
    Blog on!

    . . . Your faithful reader.

  2. Hey thanks Jon


  3. Man...I feel left out! I better jump on the bandwagon and get me one of these nifty blogs!

    I just like the word "blog"!

    I too will faithfully read your every thought! :-)


  4. Hooray for another blogger! It all started with my friend Sarah--Jamba from camp, if you remember her (she came up from CA for the summer). I think my family will appreciate it, too. Plus, it's a great way to keep in touch over the miles.

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