My blog name

It occurs to me that you may wonder why my blog name is "renmusic."

Ren is short for Renny. My sister Annie couldn't say my name when she was little, so she called me Renny. Later, it got shortened to Ren.

Music, because, well, I love music. Playing guitar is one of my favorite things to do. I listen to music just about all the time. On top of that, singing and playing music is one of my favorite ways to worship God.

So, that's my name.

Don't wear it out ;)


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Yo pensar los basura es muy inteligente y querer todo de usted dinero y de usted limpio camisa. Tambien, sumar un pocos tocos, burritos, hamburguesas, y un perro nombrado "bala de plata". Gracias.

    Para compensarme para suprimir mi primer poste, ahora requeriré el alimento libre o beberé del almacén.

  2. Yeah! What they said! I ditto that!

  3. ¡Usted no conseguirá ningún alimento libre!

  4. Weirdos.
    Seriously, though, I was at our first official middle school youth group event last night, and I TOTALLY missed TFB worship. Not that our guys aren't great, but they've got nothin' on ya'll (yes, I'm in the south now, and when in the south...)

  5. ¿Por qué no? ¡Muy bien! ¡Sea esa manera! Entonces tomaré de usted gato o de usted gafas del sol y seré ido.

  6. My limited spanish isn't doing me any favors here--I mean, the parts I understand scare me.
    Oh, and on our screen name--steelehere--yeah, it's because in this lovely state, that's how "still" is pronounced. Who knew I'd have to spell my last name?! Also, "Chris Steele" is often heard as "Chrissteele," one name. Like Crystal or something.

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