Learning from my Grandpa

I returned yesterday from a trip to Sunnyvale, CA. We spent the weekend just being together as a family around the time of my Grandpa's memorial celebration. (A graduation service if you will)

I learned many things this weekend. Some of which I learned from the book, Blue Like Jazz, of which I have a link on the right side of this page...I will write about those later.

One thing though that I learned - finally - from my Grandpa was one of his favorite verses: Colossians 3:23:

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord..."
I think that I have been living a version of this verse. "Whatever you do, work at it with half of your heart, as working for yourself."

When it comes to school, work, church, family, and life, I don't give it my all. I don't do it all for God. Yet He deserves it all. My selfishness gets in the way and I get lazy or rely on my own strength. I'm done with this. I spent time praying on the car ride home that this would end. That the life that I live for myself would be done, and that I would live my life fully for God, in every area.

I know that I'm not alone in this position. I know that I need community to help me through. This is another growth area for me, and one which I'll write about soon.

Thanks for listening.



  1. Well said. That sequence in the video where Dad (ok, grandpa) laid out that he felt he wasn't as good at what his employers wanted...but he did it heartily as unto the Lord, that had a big impact on me. I have wrestled with my job, with feeling inadequate for the task and struggling to keep up, with finding certain workmates to be "unbearable." Dad's words to me while alive (oft-quoted "work heartily") came alive with new meaning when I understood that it didn't "just come easily to him"--that it was his choice to live rightly in spite of his discomforts. Even to his last day in discomfort in a hospital bed, as I personally observed. And now all of his earthsuit-related chains are off. What a blast it must be to work heartily for the Lord with no reason, no motivation to do otherwise. Free at last.

  2. The verse your uncle liked is a great life verse. I often do things whole heartedly, but I do them for myself . . . just deepening that spirit of selfishness in me.

    Doing things unto the Lord, helps purge us of selfish motivation and remember to live for an audience of One.

    I am so thankful for your grandfather, and the legacy he leaves for you, though I did not know him.

  3. Anonymous6:39 PM

    im lazy too! just the other day i was sitting on the couch watching tv and my cd player was about 15ft away and i reeeealy wanted it. but i was too lazy to actually get up. but i would get up if it was the remote....

    this is kelly by the way

  4. Aaron, your Mom sent me your blog address today. My heart is full after reading this blog especially.
    Thank you for writing your thoughts about what your Grandpa Darrow taught you...he would be so pleased to know his favorite verse is still having effect.
    I love you,

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