The Last Week

Here I am. The last week of my job at Costco. I've spent the last 7 1/2 years of my life - well, at least 5 days a week - clocking in and helping people. Helping people find a new TV or computer, helping them look at jewelry (one time even interlocking hands with a gal so she could feel how her new fiance's ring would feel :) ), helping people find their lost film, and stocking out my department.

So what's next? Well, I've been an intern at my Church for 3 years now, spending 15 hours a week assisting the youth pastor with the youth group...leading worship, teaching lessons, creating retreat ideas. But as his job has grown, his family too, there aren't enough hours in the week for him to fulfill his responsibilities.

But that's kind of nice, because I've been hired as a part time (25 hours/week) 'Student Ministries Assistant', doing the same things and more with a little bit of money. I know that I'm not making as much as I did at Costco, so it will be a bit of an adjustment for our new budget. I'm sure I'll learn, and I trust that God will provide.

It's both with both sadness and joy that I leave Costco and move on. Those of you who read this can keep me in your prayers that I would work with all my heart at Church.

Thanks, Aaron


  1. Couldn't ask for a better assistant! Sure appreciate you Aaron. Mexico here we come!!

  2. I am so glad that you're (finally) hired at church!

  3. My prayer is that your eyes will always be open, and your heart always sensitive to the sometimes almost imperceptible nudgings of God's Spirit.

    May He clear your path of all obstacles—if He wants this change. May He block your way if He doesn't.

    May you find rest with the decision you made or unrest if you have chosen poorly.

    And may you find the courage to decide what is right and best in your life, and for your new higher priority: your wife.

    And may you "do everything heartily..." for all your days.

  4. Anonymous10:36 AM

    yay for Aaron and his new job! I think it's better than Costco. MUCH better than Costco.

    MEXICO IN A WEEK! oh man. i'm SO excited.


  5. Thanks Callie!
    I'm excited to be serving you!

  6. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Does your church have little tables with snack samples at around 5 pm? Mine does. If yours doesn't, what's the point of going there?


  7. Not at 5PM, but 9:30AM. Good enough for you?

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